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  • 10 celebrations for Earth Day

    19 Apr 2015 ~ Environment, Living

    Earth Day is a day for giving back to Mother Earth. It is a chance to pause and take stock of all the wondrous gifts we often take for granted, the most obvious being, of course, life itself! Today is the perfect opportunity to get outside with your kids and celebrate the natural world around you. more

  • Love your moontime

    17 Apr 2015 ~

    Our moontime or bleeding time is a sacred pause each month, an opportunity to reflect and heal. A wise woman once told me that our periods are a time of detoxification, both physically and emotionally, not just for us for but for our partners and families. When we have a particularly heavy or painful period, we might be processing stressful things that have been happening in our relationship or family life. So it makes sense that we need to nurture and care for ourselves at this time: we are engaged in sacred work! more

  • 10 rules of effortless parenting

    14 Apr 2015 ~ Parenting

    I often get asked how I can do so much while having six kids. My short answer, and all you really need to know, is my wife Eva is awesome. I couldn’t do half what I do without her. If you want parenting advice, you’d be smart to ask her. Here I’ll share some things that we both do that make our jobs as parents easier. These are Very Important Rules that must never be broken by any Serious Parent … until, of course, you want to break them. The first rule of Rules of Effortless Parenting is that you should always break rules. […] more

  • What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting

    14 Apr 2015 ~ Parenting

    Angela Dawson discovers she is pregnant after she thought the baby years were well behind her. 'Three years ago the children were over a hundred miles away with the grandfolk and I was getting more than a little excited about a New Year's Eve party my husband and I were going to with some friends. Notorious for being held in secret venues, this night boasted ball pools and jacuzzis as well as the regular cocktails and DJ's. I expected it to be epic... And it was! My husband and I stumbled home at dawn.' […] more

  • What I love about the Green Parent magazine!

    10 Apr 2015 ~ Living, Parenting

    We asked you what you thought of the latest issue of The Green Parent magazine and here are some of the things that you shared. You love the fact that it's about real life and that it reminds you that parenting is not about competing. You love the reminder to slow down and be present for a more fulfilling and fun life. You found the articles inspiring and informative particularly the feature on starting your own craft business and raising free range children. And it helped you strive for your dreams and seek out adventures! […] more

  • Go green for Earth Day

    5 Apr 2015 ~ Environment, Living

    Each year, Earth Day marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. The aim of Earth Day is to build community activism around the world through a broad range of events and activities. It is the largest public event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the globe by people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities. More than a billion people participate in Earth Day campaigns every year. It offers the perfect opportunity to raise consciousness of the way our modern lives are affecting the planet, and have a lot of fun in the process. […] more

Popular Articles

  • Extraordinary Breastfeeding

    17 Sep 2009 ~ Babies, Parenting

    Extended breastfeeding is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. Here, one mother shares her story of breastfeeding her toddler and how it helped to heal emotional wounds. more

  • Save our Planet

    25 Mar 2010 ~ Environment, Living

    Eight year old Verona Strauss writes about how we are damaging the planet with our actions and shows us ways in which we can work towards a better future. more

  • Win festival tickets

    21 May 2012 ~ Environment, Living

    To celebrate the launch of our gorgeous jam-packed festival guide we have loads of festival tickets to give away. Take your pick of these brilliant events across the UK this summer. […] more

  • Wear your baby

    14 Jan 2010 ~ Parenting

    In this taster from the February/March issue of The Green Parent magazine, Jessica Richards looks at the history of babywearing and how it is growing in popularity today. […] more

  • A Green Birthday Party

    18 Jan 2009 ~ Learning, Parenting

    Any birthday should be a joyous celebration and your child's birthday must rate amongst the very best days of the year. So why do so many of us find birthday parties stressful? Dawn Francis-Pester debunks some myths. […] more

  • Five gross habits that are healthy!

    9 Jul 2013 ~ Health, Parenting

    They may not be socially acceptable, but science has shown these 5 gross habits to be beneficial to our health. While you might not be encouraging your children to engage in these offputting activities, the evidence suggests that it might just be worth leaving them to it now and then… […] more

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  • WIN essential new mother products 01/04/15

    Are you expecting a baby? Or know someone who is? Natracare are giving away 3 New Mother Kits worth over £50! Natracare award winning products are recommended by midwives and mum’s alike. Made from only organic and natural, ethically sourced materials Natracare products take care of you and your baby. […] More

  • Win A £50 Collection of Mumma Love Organics Products 12/03/15

    Mumma Love Organics is an award winning skincare range. Our natural range of products include organic oils and balms with our three core principles at heart: Comfort, Settle and Sleep. All of the products are organic, British made and specially formulated to leave baby feeling calm, confident and happy. Mumma Love Organics was created by Natural Baby Care […] More

  • Win one of 5 Barefoot SOS skin-saver sets 12/03/15

    Meet baby Otto. Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream literally came to his rescue after an eczema flare-up at just 5 weeks old. Perfect for all the family and not just eczema sufferers, the careful blend of botanical ingredients quenches dry, thirsty skin from within. Each set includes a Face & Body Rescue Cream and Soothing Face & Body Wash. […] More

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