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  • 22 steps to a stress free christmas

    15 Dec 2014 ~ Living, Parenting

    Already feeling a bit ragged by the annual build up to those few days? It’s amazing the pressure we put ourselves under to make them memorable and perfect in every way. Perhaps the most important thing we can remind ourselves is to take a step back and enjoy all the little moments of connection and wonder that pass us by when we’re on the treadmill of perfection. Here are our top 22 tips to make the most of your family’s festive season: more

  • How to Make Your Gifts Last a Lifetime

    14 Dec 2014 ~ Learning, Living

    With the festive season fast approaching, what magical moments will you experience this Christmas time with your family and friends? Perhaps you will sit together under the Christmas tree and enjoy the twinkling of Christmas lights, or share a delicious family meal. But when the presents have been unwrapped and the celebrations are over, what other gifts will remain? more

  • Seeking a sense of wonder at Christmas

    14 Dec 2014 ~ Parenting

    In our secular times, it can sometimes feel as if the magic has gone out of Christmas. We all bemoan the commercialisation of Christmas at times, even if we are firmly atheist. Just a little too much 'buy buy buy' and not enough 'be be be' can tip the scales and leave us feeling empty and frazzled. But what do you do if you don't want to attend a church service but want to somehow bring a sense of the spiritual into your family's experience? Here are some ideas to rekindle the magic and wonder of Christmas in your home: […] more

  • Ten ways to celebrate Yule

    13 Dec 2014 ~ Living, Parenting

    The Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year (this year it falls on 21st Dec). Many celebrations in the Northern Hemisphere focus on this sacred time in Nature, when the promise of light and life returns. Festivals of light can be found in many cultures. Here are ten ways to celebrate the Winter Solstice with your family. […] more

  • Celebrate Solstice with these recipes

    12 Dec 2014 ~ Food, Living

    Get together with family, friends, neighbours and community to celebrate this special time of year with our warming recipes. Wassail is a hot and spicy drink associated with Winter Solstice. People in Northern Europe still enjoy this drink today. Gather together with friends and family to enjoy a warming cup of Wassail, perfect around a bonfire in the garden or after a wintry walk. […] more

  • 10 ways to celebrate winter solstice with your family

    9 Dec 2014 ~ Environment, Parenting

    Winter Solstice, falling on 21st December, is a magical moment in our seasonal calendar. The world seems to stand still for just a moment, and the solstice offers us and our families a chance to step off the merry-go-round of the festive period and enjoy being together. It's an opportunity to appreciate the natural world around us, to fill our homes with candles, friends, laughter, food and warm fires. Or maybe you'll opt for a quieter solstice – a chance to take a breath in the whirlwind and just be still and peaceful and at one with the world. Here are some ideas for celebrating the winter solstice with your family: […] more

Popular Articles

  • Extraordinary Breastfeeding

    17 Sep 2009 ~ Babies, Parenting

    Extended breastfeeding is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. Here, one mother shares her story of breastfeeding her toddler and how it helped to heal emotional wounds. more

  • Save our Planet

    25 Mar 2010 ~ Environment, Living

    Eight year old Verona Strauss writes about how we are damaging the planet with our actions and shows us ways in which we can work towards a better future. more

  • Win festival tickets

    21 May 2012 ~ Environment, Living

    To celebrate the launch of our gorgeous jam-packed festival guide we have loads of festival tickets to give away. Take your pick of these brilliant events across the UK this summer. […] more

  • Wear your baby

    14 Jan 2010 ~ Parenting

    In this taster from the February/March issue of The Green Parent magazine, Jessica Richards looks at the history of babywearing and how it is growing in popularity today. […] more

  • A Green Birthday Party

    18 Jan 2009 ~ Learning, Parenting

    Any birthday should be a joyous celebration and your child's birthday must rate amongst the very best days of the year. So why do so many of us find birthday parties stressful? Dawn Francis-Pester debunks some myths. […] more

  • Five gross habits that are healthy!

    9 Jul 2013 ~ Health, Parenting

    They may not be socially acceptable, but science has shown these 5 gross habits to be beneficial to our health. While you might not be encouraging your children to engage in these offputting activities, the evidence suggests that it might just be worth leaving them to it now and then… […] more

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  • Win one of five organic chocolate Pamper Parcels 27/11/14

    In the run up to the festive season we’re offering Green Parent readers the opportunity to win a Pamper Parcel filled with organic and fair trade chocolate goodies the whole family will enjoy. We’ve got five to giveaway! Each parcel is carefully packed by hand and delivered in a beautifully designed box, with the items inside individually wrapped in […] More


    Become part of the ethical beauty revolution and WIN a deluxe skin care hamper from PHB Ethical Beauty, a pioneering family run business dedicated to offering the best in natural & ethical beauty products. You can win a deluxe Brightening Skin Care Hamper including 8 skin boosting products that will have your skin naturally glowing and looking its best for […] More


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