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  • 1 Sep 2015

    Festivals we loved this year

    Looking for inspiration for a great festival to take your family to next year? Here are some of our favourites from 2015. Think sandpits in fields, circus skills, birth workshops and a full sized pirate ship. Festivals are such a great opportunity for families to reconnect with each other and other like-minded families. Here's a guide to planning your fun filled summer in 2016... […] more

  • 1 Sep 2015

    Take the Zero Waste Week challenge

    How did you get on with your food waste audit? Did you find some items you never realised you were throwing away? Can I ask you to look at the reasons WHY this food waste came about? My biggest challenges are threefold. Read on to find out more. […] more

  • 31 Aug 2015

    Zero Waste Week - Get involved!

    When was the last time you pulled out a bag of slimy salad leaves from the back of the fridge? Or you had great intentions of using up those bread crusts but now they’re sporting a green fur jacket. Perhaps you’ve found the recent hot weather has meant your fresh fruit has gone mouldy before you’ve eaten it. According to research, the average householder wastes £50 of food per month, most of which could have been eaten. […] more

  • 26 Jul 2015

    Stay in a straw cottage

    A cottage built of straw which as much as you huff and puff will not blow down! Anthony and Margot Porter built the unusual Straw Cottage on their farm in Mid Wales in 2012. Set in an idyllic position in open woodland by a streamside meadow, it offers the ultimate getaway. Named as one of the Sunday Times 50 Best Holiday Cottages 2014, the cottage has no electricity but it does have candles, lanterns, a wood burning stove, oven, hot shower and flushing loo which with cosy beds and squashy sofas make it a perfect combination of adventure and comfort. […] more

  • 11 Jul 2015

    12 ways to create an eco bathroom

    Use these twelve easy tips to help you create a cleaner, greener bathroom and in many cases save money on your household bills. Choose items closest to nature for cleaning, essential oils for scent and freshness and cut water usage with handy tips and gadgets. […] more

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