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  • 17 Apr 2014

    10 ways to take action on Earth Day

    Launched on 22nd April 1970, Earth Day is an annual global call to arms to save our planet. With a focus on education, the day aims to raise awareness of the problems facing our world and what we can do about them. When Rachel Carson published Silent Spring in 1962, it was a watershed moment for the modern environmental movement. Before that, there was a distinct lack of interest and engagement with the reality of pollution and how it was harming our planet, as massive industry enjoyed the spoils of success. […] more

  • 16 Apr 2014

    Guerilla gardening

    You walk past the same patch of wasteland every morning. Your kids always comment on it, how empty and barren it looks. Broken supermarket trolleys, carrier bags, scratchy bare earth and rubble can all be glimpsed through a wire fence. Several rows of houses back onto the wasteland and many people see this barren landscape from their windows, not to mention all of the people who walk and drive past it every day. Rumours indicate that the area is to be the site of a new block of flats, or a mini supermarket, but years have gone by and nothing has happened. […] more

  • 14 Mar 2014


    We have five family tickets (two adults and three children) to Open Weekends at Ancient Technology Centre (ATC) in Cranborne, Dorset: Stone Age (12/13 April) , Viking (26/27 July) or Roman (20/21 September) to give away. The ATC believes that children of all ages should explore their surroundings, environment and history through an exciting blend of full scale building projects and traditional skills and crafts. Our starting point is archaeology and this informs the many buildings and activities that we offer. Our goal is to enable children and adults to genuinely experience aspects of daily life in the past. […] more

  • 4 Mar 2014

    Celebrate Spring Equinox

    Spring Equinox is one of the four main solar festivals. A time of renewal, potential and fertility, it has been celebrated in many guises throughout history. As with all the solstices and equinoxes, it’s a perfect opportunity to stop and connect with the natural world around us, and a lovely time to celebrate with family and friends. […] more

  • 3 Mar 2014

    Five Water Saving Tips

    Sometimes we are forced to address how much water we use through circumstance. It might be that our water is temporarily cut off, or we are camping or away from a reliable source. The results can be surprising. Just how much water we use when rinsing dishes, for instance, or waiting for water from the hot tap to warm up. My partner and I discovered this when we lived on a boat. All our water came from a tank in the boat’s hull which we had to refill as needed. […] more

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