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15 May 2013

Best week of my life

This Easter my two daughters, aged 13 and 11, decided that they were ready for an adventure of their own, away from their parents. They headed off for an ATE (Active Training and Education) Superweeks experience at Moor Park, Nr. Ludlow, Shropshire. Here are their reports of the experience.

“I really enjoyed ATE Superweek and would definitely LOVE to go there again. In the evenings we would all get cosy in the library and listen to stories and drink hot chocolate. Everyone there was really friendly and I made good friends. My monitor, aged 18 was a great friend too. We learnt some really cool songs and sang them in rounds. We did loads of indoor and outdoor games, we made dens in the woods and played in the stream. We made a flag for our dorm group and made a bright green cake! Our dorm was a really cosy space to hang out and one bed was a bunk bed (which I got to sleep in!). We painted our nails and made face packs from avocadoes. One day we went on a hike and we all got yummy packed lunches and spotted deer. We went to a village and brought sweets and stuff. Then we went to a swimming pool and had loads of fun there. The meals we had were heavenly! From jacket potatoes to sausages and beans – all were yummy and the great thing was we got to have pudding after both lunch and tea! I am a veggie and they served veggie meals too. We also had drinks and biscuits twice a day. I was put in a different dorm to my thirteen-year-old sister, which seemed a bit scary at first, but then I got to have more fun by myself. An ATE Superweek is full to the brim with giggles. I must have had at least ten can’t-stop-laughing moments! If your kids do go, I hope they have as much fun as I did!” Daisy, aged 11

“I had so much fun at the Easter Superweek. It was possibly the best week of my life! If you’re feeling like you really want to get away from your nagging parents for a bit, ATE is the solution. You have a really nice monitor, who sleeps in your dorm with you, shows you where everything is and plays games with you. You get to sing songs, go on walks, play sports, do group activities and games and generally have the best time of your life.” Jasmine, aged 13

Find out more: Check out the 2013 summer holiday programme for ATE Superweeks here
Read more about the focus for each week here and get more information about what these holiday experiences for 8-16 year olds offer here.

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