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By Love Organics

27th October 2016

Do you really have a sensitive skin type or is a skin condition masking your true skin type?

By Love Organics

27th October 2016

By Love Organics

27th October 2016

Sensitive skin is a phrase used a lot nowadays to describe skin type. The change in the amount of toxicity in our daily lives has definitely caused a change in how our skin cells behave, with the less fortunate of us, needing to battle more extreme outcomes. But does this mean you have a sensitive skin type or a sensitized skin condition?

If you would describe your skin as sensitive, working out which one you are could positively change your skin health, forever! With the much colder and harsher weather now upon us, now would be the time to give your skin that extra care and boost. So, when better to begin than to confirm what your true skin type is?

What is the difference between sensitive and sensitized?

Below I have outlined the key differences between the two, how to work out which one you are, and the solution to both.

A sensitive skin type

· It is easily affected by stress

· Quick to react

· It often becomes flaky, itchy and red

· You would have always experienced sensitivity since birth

· It may be hereditary and genetic

A sensitized skin condition

· Can be caused by factors within your diet, lifestyle, pollution, hormones and weather

· Is temporary

· You won’t always have had sensitive skin reactions

· Can be treated and cured by confirming the cause

· Masks your true skin type

Once you have reviewed these points, it should be clearer whether you have a sensitized condition or a true sensitive skin type. So what to do now?

If you have a sensitive skin type

1. Thankfully, there is a wide choice of true organic and natural products for your skin type. Stick to a clear and gentle skin regime without toxic chemicals.

2. Steer clear of exfoliating!! A big “no no” for your skin type, as this part of a normal skin regime is too harsh for the skin cells and will cause unnecessary irritation.

3. A true skin regime, as described in our latest article 10 skincare tips for autumn, with safe and non-irritant products will have your skin looking anything but sensitive! I can assist you in the correct products for your sensitive skin type.

If you have sensitized skin

1. Know that your diet clearly affects how you look on the outside as well as how you feel on the inside. Does your skin react when you eat or drink a certain food? Sometimes it’s hard to be honest with yourself, especially if you really like what you feel is causing your skin discomfort. For the sake of your skin health, try cutting out inflammatory foods (sugars, caffeine, meat, alcohol), where possible.

2. Be aware of what you are putting on your skin as you may find your current skin regime is doing more harm than good. If you’re not sure of an ingredient or product, stop using it and replace it with safe and certified organic and natural to ensure non-irritation.

3. Don’t discount the environmental effect your skin has to deal with every day. Whether you’re sat in an office, at home or outside, you are throwing a lot of toxins at your skin. Pollution, central heating, toxic home products can all play havoc with our bodies.

4. A very common cause of dull, unhealthy skin reactions for any skin type is dehydration! Therefore it is imperative to stay hydrated and flush out toxins. Other than drinking water, a chemical free hydration spray will not only hydrate your skin on the go, but will also set makeup for a longer lasting look.

For those of you with sensitized skins, it may seem like there is a long road ahead. But believe me, once the trigger is found and eliminated, we can concentrate on your true skin type, which will boost your skin health and confidence! Whichever skin type you are, it can look fabulous and glowing with the correct care and attention.

For further help with your skin type, please email me [email protected]