The Green Parent

By The Green Parent

25th July 2017

Protect your skin, keep teeth clean and smell fabulous - Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 17 winners in supplements, suncare, perfume and toothpaste

The Green Parent

By The Green Parent

25th July 2017

The Green Parent

By The Green Parent

25th July 2017


GOLD YLLUME ULTIMATE ILLUMINATING COMPLEX SKIN SUPPLEMENT, £33.50, “I took one of these tablets once a day and noticed my skin was much more clear and my redness was reduced. My skin was also brighter and had a pretty glow.” Hayley C

SILVER Bee Prepared daily defence immune formula £9.99,

BRONZE Skinned (Bottled Science), £105 (for 30 days),

Sun Protection

GOLD Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sport Sunscreen SPF 50, £17, “I love this product! I love that it is all natural, not greasy, has a lovely subtle fragrance to it and is easy to apply. It worked effectively to protect my little ones’ skin and I felt confident using it knowing it was vegan, PETA approved and with no chemicals and harsh fragrances used. We reapplied every two hours as instructed and had no problems.” Helen B

SILVER Organii SPF 50 Fragrance Free Sun Milk, £19.90

BRONZE Natural Sun Screen SPF 30, £25,

After Sun

GOLD No Bite Butter Bar, £14, “Fab product which really soothed and healed tight, red skin that had had too much sun. Thoroughly recommend.” Hannah D

SILVER All Over Lotion, £12.99,


GOLD Akamuti Flower Power Aromatic Roll On, £5.95, “This has the most am amazing floral scent, which I found calming and soothing. I kept this in my hand bag and applied to pulse points when I need a little pick me up.” Hayley C

SILVER Aromasoar Solid Organic Perfume, £17.50,

BRONZE Jardin de Vie ‘Onagre’ fragrance, £19.95,


GOLD Dr Bronner’s All One Toothpaste, £6.49, “The smell of this was pleasant, but the texture and experience was different from ‘normal’ toothpastes. It doesn’t really lather which took a little bit of getting used to, but left teeth feeling clean and smooth.” Jen G

SILVER Children’s Tooth Gel, £3.75,

BRONZE PearlBar’s Planet Loving Charcoal Infused Toothbrush, £7.49,