Five ways to use a sling to simplify your wedding day - we're celebrating love and babywearing!

1 INCLUDE YOUR LITTLE ONE IN YOUR SPECIAL DAY - You are celebrating your love as partners, but also your love for the family you have made together. Having your little one with you as you stand in front of friends and family on your wedding day will make your experience even more special. Couples with older children often include them in the ceremony as page boys, flower girls or ring bearers, but if your little one is too small to take an active role, then carrying them with you is a wonderful way for your child be a part of your wedding.

2 CREATE SPECIAL FAMILY MEMORIES Beautiful bride, Dalton Mort’s wedding images (pictured) show that carrying your little one through your wedding will create lasting and powerful memories for you and your family. Looking back through photo albums that include all the special people in your life will bring you so much joy. When your child is older they will love to see that they were a part of your wedding day. Though they may not remember the day itself, their memories of looking through your wedding pictures with you, and hearing how important it was for them to be there, will last a lifetime.

3 EMBRACE YOUR COLOUR SCHEME You’ve spent time choosing the perfect dress, and the perfect colour scheme for your wedding – why not bring your carefully considered choices together with a colourful sling to make your special day even more joyful.

4 KEEP ACTIVE KIDS ENGAGED - By carrying your baby or toddler during your wedding ceremony you will keep them close and content throughout the service, avoiding potential tantrums or the temptation to explore the venue! Minimising any disruption to your little one’s routine during your wedding will keep them calm and happy and will allow you to enjoy the day even more as a result. With a baby sling your little one will be able to take a nap as they are held close, this will do away with the potential for any fuss or upset. Ring slings are a great choice for active toddlers. Elegant and simple to put on, they allow for quick ups and downs – ring slings are perfect in case your child would prefer to have a cuddle with a relative during the ceremony too.

5 SHOW YOUR UNIQUE STYLE - Your style is an important part of your wedding – it’s a part of your colour scheme, your decor and your wedding party’s outfits. Your style will shine in your choice of sling – whether this is a colour that you love or a pattern which is meaningful to you – but also in your choice of carry. A simple Ruck carry, as seen on Dalton, will complement your dress wonderfully.

Your style will shine in your choice of sling – whether this is a colour that you love or a pattern which is meaningful to you


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Kiri Porter I wore my then, 3 year old on my wedding day. It meant a lot that my little boy could have the connection with me on what was a very busy day. I even had Dr Rosie Knowles from Carrying Matters at my wedding. She was a guest but doubled up as a sling fitter. 

Gemma Keenan Loved wearing our youngest at our wedding, baby wearing was a massive part of our parenting/lives and all being together during the ceremony was beautiful.

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