Sian Kirwan is a teacher but doesn't want a mainstream education system for her children. Here she explains why she's chosen to home educate

It is September again and I have a new cohort of children to inspire, teach and connect with. I am feeling full of new school year energy and enthusiasm as I imagine being the ‘Miss Honey’ of these children’s lives, getting to know each of their individual needs, ideas and personalities, enamoured with the idea of being a nurturing and inspiring teacher.

Then the first set of assignments begin, the children in my mind begin to get grouped into low, middle and high achievers and I sit down in the pupil progress meetings where a few children are selected to be my ‘focus’ children because they are not where they ‘need’ to be and we ‘need’ to hit a certain percentage as a school to keep the school afloat.

And so it begins… the yearly cycle, of pressure, stress and throwing every possible resource and intervention at focused children who just become data and numbers. Sigh. I am in the system, and that’s exactly why I don’t want my children to be in the system.