Hannah McIntyre didn't expect to become so passionate about washable nappies; here she shares her journey to cloth lover! 

I guess our family was never going to be the most conventional. We listen to metal, shop second hand, eat plant based: even this in modern day society for many our tastes might still be considered… eclectic!

Our parenting style is just the same: between co-sleeping, placenta capsules and extended breastfeeding we’ve raised a few eyebrows during our parenting journey.

But I think the biggest parenting-related questions I get are about our choice to use reusable nappies for our daughter. Originally we thought we’d try them and see how we got on, half-expecting them not to be any good - I certainly didn’t expect to become so passionate about them!

When my partner and I found out we were expecting a baby we made the decision to use cloth nappies and washable wipes. There is a lot of debate surrounding the carbon footprint that comes with having a child, but I believe there are actions we can take to reduce the climate impact of starting a family, and switching to reusable nappies is one of them.