How do we teach our children to tread lightly on the earth; to be responsible, engaged social citizens and fight for a safe and healthy future on our planet that is being increasingly squeezed and depleted of its natural resources? wonders Rebecca Stonehill

Travel wouldn’t be top of the list for most families at a time when emission fuels created by air travel need to be drastically cut in the coming years, but I’d like to share our story with you.

We’re from the UK but lived in Kenya for several years where my husband was working with low-income urban communities in various water and sanitation projects. Our time there had finished and we were heading back to England, but before returning to our native land, we’d long been flirting with the idea of a final overland adventure, or a ‘family gap year’ as we liked to call it. My husband and I would snatch snippets of conversation, tossing ideas back and forth like a ball between us. Where should we go? When? For how long?