Five experts share their self-loving life hacks that will contribute towards your health and happiness.


Sarah Ryan is the founder of – helping mums put themselves first and make time for self-care

As mothers, it's vital that we turn inwards and get in touch with what recharges and nurtures us. Then we need to make time for it every, single day.

Self-care is as individual as your fingerprint. What makes you feel nurtured will be different to what makes me feel nurtured. It is also ever-changing. What you need when your baby is two months old, will be different to what you need when your child is two years old.

We need to get curious and notice how we feel after different activities to discover what self-care is for us. Does meditation help you reenergise? Or maybe it’s a run listening to your favourite music?

A great place to start is to prioritise these three self-care acts daily.

  1. Fresh air - Getting out in the fresh air is a huge boost for our well-being - even if it’s raining! In fact, going for a walk in the lashing rain can be incredibly invigorating! Don’t let the weather stop you.
  2. Alone time - As parents we spend a huge amount of time with children physically attached to us. Whether they are looking for cuddles, stories, reassurance or snacks, we are the ones they run to. So it’s incredibly important that we carve out some alone time as a balm to all the togetherness. Whether that’s a solo walk by the sea or snuggled up alone in bed reading your book, prioritise alone time every day – even if it’s only 10 minutes.
  3. Stay active - Exercise releases endorphins so it gives us a huge positivity boost. It can simply be doing some yoga to wind down after the kids have gone to bed.

Remember, our children look to us for everything, especially in times of uncertainty. If you prioritise your emotional well-being then they will grow up knowing that it is important to look after themselves. And what better lesson could we teach them? So do it for them, as well as for you.

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If you feel like you need more help taking care of you, consider seeking professional help.