Ann Owen always knew she was going to breastfeed and always knew that she wanted her children to decide when the journey would end

“I don’t think I anticipated that I would still on the odd occasion be nursing my daughter at age five. As someone who has felt quite alone in nursing an “older” child I decided to reach out to other mamas who were also nursing beyond infancy and to those who were allowing their children to decide when to stop. And so my project Milk was born.

Through this project I have connected with so many inspiring and incredible mothers who, through sharing their stories with me, have empowered me in ways I hadn’t anticipated. At the beginning of this project I felt worried about putting myself out there, but now I feel proud of our journey. It is my hope that it can help others on a similar path, in the same way.

I feel it is important to honour and celebrate our journeys truthfully. By sharing our stories through words and images we empower ourselves and others. Natural Term Breastfeeding is something I am incredibly passionate about and wish to help normalise through my work”.