I can officially say that I am no longer a breastfeeding mama. My breastfeeding journey ended with my third and last child almost one year ago. I have spent, in total, almost eight years nursing each of my three children reflects Kelly Murdock

I won’t say that it has always been easy but without shaming anyone, I have always believed that breast is best and I am so amazed at my skinny, little body and what is left of my now shrunken, raisin like breasts, for being able to nourish my children through exclusive and extended breastfeeding. No one told me that my then, small, B cup breasts would be reduced to flabby, deflated remnants of what they once were though!

My mother nursed all three of her daughters so it was only natural for me to follow suit. Before I fell pregnant with my first, I started down the path of natural living, discovering The Continuum Concept, becoming a yoga teacher and prioritizing healthy eating and exercise. It only felt natural to continue that lifestyle, which included natural birth, co-sleeping, cloth nappies and more, when my husband and I decided to start a family.