Debra Pascali-Bonaro believes that birth under the right circumstances can be an orgasmic experience.

Photography By Kate Nel

Have you ever had a dream while you are asleep and when you wake it feels so real that you know it was meant to guide you? That is how Orgasmic Birth was born. It was conceived in a dream. I saw myself making the film and woke my husband in the middle of the night and said I have to make a documentary. I was not a film maker, I am a doula and passionate birth activist. I had to find the people who knew how to make a film, build a team and we could achieve the dream. It was an amazing journey to vision the team and one by one they arrived, as did the parents who allowed me to film their intimate experiences giving birth. 

My original concept for the film was to show that birth can be an empowering and pleasurable experience. What surprised me was when the labouring mamas were able to birth in their power, surrounded by love, support, care and respect, that their births were dramatically more pleasurable too. I had witnessed many births as a doula – I knew that this was possible, but the wave of pleasurable and even orgasmic births that took place during my filming process was extraordinary. When it was time to name the film – I knew we had to make a bold statement, birth, under the right circumstances was an ORGASMIC EXPERIENCE!