Ann-Marie Marshall is so passionate about nourishing mothers through the pregnancy journey that she created her own superfood supplement, packed with everything a mama-to-be needs


A health coach, colonic hydrotherapist, mama to her two-year-old son and founder of superfood pregnancy supplement brand, Healthy Mama, Happy Baba, Ann-Marie lives by the sea in Essex with her family.

Having previously worked in the Merchant Navy for 14 years, Ann Marie was in a high-powered position and living in California, when a near-fatal car accident proved to be a huge turning point in her life. She left her corporate job and retrained as a colonic hydrotherapist and nutritionist, and later a health coach. She opened her own clinic seven years ago. “I believe I was saved for a reason,” Ann-Marie shares.

“Inspired by my greatest blessing - my son - I’ve launched a business focused on helping pregnant women and children. My personal experience of prioritising nutrition during pregnancy, and as a mother, led to the creation of Healthy Mama, Happy Baba.”

The supplement that Ann-Marie has personally designed with the specific requirements of pregnant women in mind, is a unique blend of 28 vitamins and minerals, in bioavailable forms - for optimal absorption, as well as probiotics, and nine organic superfoods.

“Baobab is one of the most important superfoods I’ve chosen,” says Ann-Marie. “It’s an African fruit, also known as the ‘tree of life,’ and is packed with vitamin C and fibre – great for pregnant mamas.” The nine superfoods, which also include Açai, Ginger, Amla, Beetroot, Blackcurrant, Flaxseed, Date powder and Turmeric make this product both comprehensive and innovative. You’ll receive everything you need, in the correct levels required, in their most absorbable form.

“This supplement is closing the nutritional gap at a time when women most need it,” shares Ann-Marie. “Eating well and nourishing our bodies is one of the first things we can do right for our baby in utero. This product, which comes in a powder form and can be added to water, juice, or plant milks, takes away all the guess work.”

“I love that it tastes delicious as well as being extremely effective. We’ve had fun experimenting with different mixing options,” she laughs. Ann-Marie faced challenges in sourcing and including the necessary vitamins and minerals but has remained determined to achieve perfection.

“Proper nutrition throughout pregnancy and postpartum is vital,” Ann-Marie enthuses. “I’m excited to have created a product that provides consistent and convenient nutrition for mothers at every stage of their pregnancy journey, and beyond.” Healthy Mama, Happy Baba is packed with everything you need as you enter the postpartum period, too. “It’s a great supplement to support nursing mothers and their babies, too,” she says.

To conclude, Ann-Marie points out that this is a clean product. “It’s free from additives and preservatives, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and high in fibre, offering all the health benefits you need during pregnancy and more. I’m excited to support you and nourish YOUR precious pregnancy journey.”


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Ann-Marie shares her advice on the top 3 ways that women can support themselves holistically through their pregnancy.

1.     Eat and drink. Eat a variety of fresh and wholesome foods, not forgetting those all-important omega 3’s (oily fish, nuts and seeds). Your body needs more water during pregnancy for several reasons. Try to aim for around 1.6 litres per day. Starting your day with a pint of water can help you achieve your goal.

2.     Relax. Take care of your mental wellbeing. Try a relaxing bath, a gentle stroll, meditation, mindfulness and listening to music. From around 16 weeks baby can hear sounds, initiate the conversation, start that bond building early (if you haven’t done already! 😊).

3.     Sleep. Getting quality sleep is important for both you and baby. Bear in mind the following aspects of sleep hygiene, eat no later than 3-4 hours before bed, don’t exercise within 3 hours of bedtime and keep electronic equipment and screens out of the bedroom. Work towards 8-10 hours of sleep per night. Please don’t forget that your body is going through enormous changes and of course, growing a tiny human, it is magnificent, but tiring. You need your rest, mama.   

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