Welcome to this week’s newsletter.

Unfortunately, the little one and I have been ill this week so my news is mainly home based. We’ve both had a fever and sore throat and spent a lot of time in bed reading!

I’m always pleased to discover that my body can still make a fever. It feels like it gets less likely as I get older. But it's such an effective healing mechanism, and super cleansing too. It's horrible being in it, but then when the fever breaks - woohoo!

After a few feverish nights, I slept well last night, and woke up to discover that the Green Party had won 4 seats (Brighton Pavilion, Bristol Central, Waveney Valley and Herefordshire North) in last night's general election! Things are changing...

Anyway, here are the things I’ve been doing: 


I'm happy with my past-self for making vats of elderberry syrup last autumn. At the beginning of the week my daughter and I had super scratchy throats. We drank elderberry syrup and sparkling water over ice (decadent!) and it really helped soothe the pain. We also drank sage tea (made by steeping sage leaves in hot water and leaving for 5 minutes), sweetened with honey. I also did some hot and cold showering, which according to naturopathic principles helps reduce stress, improves circulation and reduces pain.

Sage (salvia officinalis) is great for the hormonal system; use it to treat menopausal night-sweats, and also to ease painful, heavy bleeding. It’s great drunk as a tea after a big meal. And helps with runny noses and throat inflammation. Plus, even a small pot growing in the garden will attract a huge variety of helpful pollinators, including the blue mason bee, leafcutter bees and long tongued garden bumblebees to your garden too!