Doula Natalie Meddings tells Hannah Hiles why a home birth is a “common sense” choice for many women. And for starters let's get away from the idea that home birth is unconventional.

Former journalist Natalie Meddings decided to train as a doula and active birth yoga teacher after a positive experience giving birth to her first child. The mother-of-three trained with the obstetrician Michel Odent and Janet Balaskas, the founder of the Active Birth Centre, and is the founder of peer support network Tell Me a Good Birth Story, which matches pregnant women with a “birth buddy” who can share their positive story. 

Her latest book Why Home Birth Matters explores current evidence-based research on home birth, gives practical advice and includes first-hand accounts from women who have given birth at home. 

How did you come to write Why Home Birth Matters?

I have always had a passion for helping the female body to function optimally. I have supported around 100 home births and have been noticing more and more interest in it. The thing I want to get away from is the idea that home birth is unconventional. What’s alternative is going to hospital! Birth in hospital is quite hard and giving birth at home is quite simple.