We chat to four award winning brands to find out about their ideal day and get them to reveal their self-care secrets


Hanna Oltmann lives with her husband and two sons (4 and 1) in the north of Germany, close to the Dutch border. She works at suntribesunscreen.com

“Suntribe was started in 2016 by friends Karl, Hampus, and Julia. Frustrated with the sunscreen industry's disregard for safety and sustainability, they wanted to create change. Their mission is to allow as many people as possible to switch from chemical to safe mineral sunscreens.

That's why we, at Suntribe, make worry-free, natural sunscreens free from synthetic chemicals and potentially toxic ingredients. We use only safe, proven ingredients like organic oils, waxes, butters, and mineral UV-filters without nanoparticles, and rigorously test our products to ensure high functionality and safety. Transparency is key, and we believe natural products should be accessible to everyone, from surfers to beachgoers and weekend hikers.

My two favourite products are the Mineral Day Cream - my all-around product. I use the tinted version every single day and have completely stopped wearing makeup since I started using it. Getting ready in the morning with two kids does not allow for an elaborate skincare routine, so having the Day Cream is incredibly handy as it replaces any foundation for me while still making me feel fresh and ready for the day! My other favourite product is the Mineral Baby & Kids Sunscreen. I use it on my boys every single day in the summer, and it is a must-have for our family.

Hanna uses Suntribe's Mineral Baby and Kids Sunscreen every single day in the summer

An ideal day

On my ideal day, I get up first in the house, before everyone else, giving me at least an hour to myself to enjoy some yoga, green tea, and fresh air. After the boys wake up, we have breakfast as a family, followed by some fun time outside in the garden.

After lunch, when our youngest is napping, my four-year-old and I enjoy some shared reading time before we have a family fika (Swedish coffee break) in the afternoon with some home-baked goods. This is followed by more time outside, either on our bikes, at the playground, or visiting the horses and sheep nearby. After a family dinner, once the boys are in bed, my husband and I soak up the last few sun rays of the day on our terrace before going to bed early to welcome the next day at dawn with another cup of green tea to myself!

3 self-care secrets?

  1. Going to bed early — there is little more self-care than a good night's sleep.
  2. Establishing skincare routines that you enjoy and that suit your personal needs, with products you trust and feel confident using
  3. Enjoying time outside whenever possible — being in nature can be healing to the soul and our overall well-being.

"I started creating my own mineral makeup with natural and gentle ingredients"

Claudia Keogh is the founder of honeypieminerals.com. She lives in Essex with her partner.

I started Honeypie Minerals after suffering from acne and not being able to find any products that worked for my skintype; I was in a catch-22 of applying liquid and cream foundations and concealers to cover up breakouts, which sadly only made my skin worse. So in my desperation I had a skincare overhaul and began creating my own mineral makeup with natural and gentle ingredients. When my acne started to heal and I started to receive lovely compliments on my glowing complexion I was inspired to share my amazing formulas with others. 

My sister, Mum, Nan and friends all fell in love with my makeup too and it just organically grew from there. I was so passionate about the power of minerals after witnessing first-hand the positive results and hearing the incredible feedback that my business was then born. It makes me proud to think that I converted such a negative experience into creating a beautiful and positive outcome.

I absolutely love our Yellow Corrector, especially using it after a late night. It brightens and conceals any darkness under my eyes just effortlessly, it's so quick and easy to apply too. It's a gamechanger and my makeup bag essential!

An ideal day

My ideal day would start with a coffee sitting in the garden, followed by a nutritious brunch to set us up for the day ahead. We like to go on long scenic walks in our local area, through woodland, pretty meadows, past ancient castle ruins, and along the Thames estuary. I love being in nature, so if my day includes gardening or long walks I'm very happy.  I also love to cook so the perfect day always finishes with a homemade dinner, with a cosy night-in watching a film.

3 self-care secrets

  1. To relax before bed, I find using my gua sha stone in gentle sweeping motions along my jawline and down the sides of my neck really does the trick to unwind and release any tension there.
  2. A daily walk in nature is integral for my selfcare, so I recommend others to always try find time to get outside and breathe in fresh air (especially if you work from home). Be in the moment - look up to admire the sky and passing clouds, smell the blossoms, listen to the birds. It's very calming to forget about the manmade aspects of our lives and just focus on the nature around us.
  3. I had to take cold showers for a couple of months (when my boiler broke and I had to wait to get it fixed), and it was amazing. I know a cold shower sounds awful, and initially it is, but I urge everyone to try it. You feel so alive afterwards and the sensation of the warmer air touching your skin as you dry is euphoric! My top tip is to just imagine you're taking a dip in the Mediterranean sea - it's really powerful once you add imagery and use your thoughts to harness overcoming the initial coldness. The invigorating feeling after is truly worth it.

Donna spotted a gap in the market for a Facial Massage Oil for specific skin types

Donna Thomson is the founder of Luv My Oil www.luvmyoil.co.uk. She lives in Oxfordshire, with her 17-year-old son, Luca, and their fluffy, chocolate Birman cat, Willow.

“Being a beauty therapist I had a lot of time on my hands during the lockdowns a couple of years back. I re-evaluated my treatments and products for the salon and felt that there was a gap in the market for a Facial Massage Oil for specific skin types.

Also, my passion for aromatherapy was calling me! After research and study courses I formulated the Rose Facial Oil for dry/mature skin, followed by the Healing Facial Oil for Luca's teenage spotty skin. I gave little bottles to friends and family for birthdays and Christmas, and one by one they came back with, 'Donna, I love your oil!' so I knew I was onto something good.

I like a natural look myself, but I adore using Lily Lolo's makeup, which is natural, vegan, and mineral based. My special treat hand cream is Fikkerts Rose with Honeysuckle. And I'm quite addicted to Luv My Oil's Chamomile and Lavender Facial Oil for my facial massage bedtime routine!

Donna likes to start her day in the garden for yoga, meditation, birdwatching, and breakfast

An ideal day

To wake early to a summer's day, every day. Head to the garden for yoga, meditation, birdwatching, and breakfast. And plenty of time for weed pulling. Then spend a few hours working, feeling happy and relaxed, and on top of the never ending To Do list. By night I'd love a meal out with a friend and a trip to the theatre.

3 self-care secrets

  1. Yoga. I've been a yogi on and off for 20 years. You can cure most aches and pains with a daily stretch. And it's so calming in this hectic world we live in.
  2. Don't feel guilty to take time for yourself. As parents we need to put on that oxygen mask, before helping others. Learn to listen to your needs.
  3. My last self-care is to drink water throughout the day. I really notice if I forget because I function much better when I'm hydrated! Skin luvs oil but it also loves water from the inside!

I was inspired to start my own business the moment I realised the power of plants

Karyn Slyfield is the founder of BalmNatural.com. She lives in West Sussex with her youngest son, Oliver.

“After making my hair and skin balms for 20 years for friends and family, everyone was telling me I should sell them. But the real turning point was when I developed Tinea Veriscolor on my chest and neck. Multiple visits to the dermatologist didn’t bring anything new. So I decided to make a balm. After 5 days my Tinea Veriscolor cleared and at the next visit to the dermatologist he couldn't believe it. It was at that moment I realised the power of plants. Which inspired me to kick start the business.  

My favourite product is our Rose Face Berry Balm. I love to use it at night and wipe off with a warm muslin cloth. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, soft and plumped.

Rose Face Berry Balm leaves skin feeling refreshed, soft and plumped.

An ideal day

I'm an August baby so I love Summer! West Wittering is just up the road and I’ve had the best beach days there with all the family. 

3 self-care secrets

  1. I find going for long walks helps to clear my mind. 
  2. Good sleep is such a priority for me, so I use my pulse point balms at night to help me unwind and relax.
  3. I like to learn something new. It could be a new recipe to try but recently I did a course on foraging. Just keep challenging yourself. It makes you feel better.


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