What we learned by discovering something new as a family by Liz Lowe

It’s a summer’s morning in Ceredigion, Wales, and the drizzle has permeated through three layers of clothing to give my skin a clammy quality. I sip coffee that went cold moments after being poured and look across the damp wooden table at my two children. They’re oblivious, totally immersed as their small hands weave green willow into stars and bird feeders.

We’re midway through our week at Gather – an annual event which offers a packed schedule of workshops with makers, creatives and outdoor learning experts – held at Fforest Farm, near Cardigan. There are only around forty families here and the majority are repeat visitors. After a few days of foraging, whittling, screen printing, botanical dyeing and more, our ‘hill shac’ is overflowing with crafts and we all declare it one of our best holidays ever. The reason?