I don't want to add structure to my son's freedom of education. Here Sarah Wilkinson talks about how school can interrupt learning

They all tell you a baby will be a shock to the system. But the bit they don’t tell you? How the baby will change you and prick your consciousness about things that you hadn’t even considered before. The biggest demand I put on myself as a parent is to make sure my baby boy is happy. A big part of that happiness and certainly a big part of childhood is education.

Education is defined as the acquisition of knowledge through learning. That learning does not necessarily have to happen in a designated institution. At three, my son has never been to a nursery or pre-school. However, he can walk, talk, and undertake countless other natural, human skills. He is living; therefore he is learning.

How children learn from the world around them

My son is educating himself every day from the world around him, the people he meets, and the activities he takes an interest in. He immerses himself in nature and he asks a hundred questions. I don’t want to interrupt his amazing interaction with the world by putting him in school. I don’t want to add structure to his freedom of education.