School can be an enjoyable time for some children, for others it can represent years of trauma, not just for the kids but for parents too. Mornings spent hauling sleepy children out of bed and into uniforms and evenings cajoling them into doing their homework leave many people searching for a better alternative says Saffron de Menezes.

School just doesn’t work for every family and luckily it isn’t the only option.

Everyone has their own learning style and so while school may be great for some children, it may not work for others. A child’s reaction to school might also vary at different times in their childhood, it may suit a child at the age of thirteen who may have struggled with it at five. It seems a little unreasonable then that all children are expected to adapt to the same educational system from the minute they turn four, or often even younger, until they hit sixteen.

If your child happens to be one of those who are well suited to a school environment and finds it a positive and enjoyable place to be then it’s fantastic. But what if they aren’t? Or what if problems arise while they’re there that can’t be resolved within the school framework? How do you figure out whether home education is the solution for your family?