In 2021, Jenna, Cath and three-year-old Luna moved out of their house and into the Sprinter van they’d converted themselves. They wanted a simpler life, to connect to nature and – hopefully – get pregnant via IVF. Spoiler alert – that happened!

We moved out of our house on July 4 – Independence Day – and now live full-time in the van. We had been living in the New Forest, and Cath had been super-stressed; her job wasn’t fun anymore. We’d been doing this van up anyway, and when we worked out how much money we were spending on rent, heating bills and council tax, plus Luna’s nursery, we worked out we were living on a deficit each month. So we decided to move into the van. 

We did all the hard graft converting it; we peeled up the floor ply, and underneath it was thick with tar and hair. Cleaning it took me ten litres of white spirit, and I was as high as a kite! We did all the preliminary work and got someone to help us put in cabinets and so on. It was tough work with a two-year-old; I’d be hammering the floor, and she’d be hammering the windscreen!