Esther Jones reflects on the mindfulness of unschooling and offers practices to help us trust our children’s natural learning process

Like most families, our path to unschooling was not a straight one. It took us several years to finally reach a place that felt coherent and healthy. We tried alternative schools, a short-lived home-ed co-op, and some clumsy attempts at self-directed education, along the way. 

When we took our children out of school, we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to create for them. Essentially we were driven by the desire for our children to be free to be their authentic selves.

We wanted to allow them to take life at their own pace and to have time to explore the things that were meaningful to them. With these aims in mind, we came to the conclusion that any schooled parent would come to. That we would make this happen. That we would do all the right things.