It’s not news that breast milk is good for babies. It’s not even news that it’s good for toddlers but did you know that there are a variety of ways breast milk can improve the health of the entire family? Caroline Jones explains the healing benefits of this incredible substance

The health benefits of breastfeeding

Breast feeding is the best thing for babies’ digestion, strengthens their immune systems and has a multitude of other wonderful effects, many benefiting them for their entire lives. It’s also good for mothers: reducing the risk of breast cancer; ovarian cancer and helping them lose weight in a natural way. 

However due to its antiseptic properties breastmilk can be used for a whole range of purposes. It's a living fluid and once you have benefited from its healing properties it'll be easy to see why it is trusted by so many. Instead of putting tea tree on cuts, burns, scrapes and scratches why not add a drop or two of breast milk? Leave to dry in the fresh air then cover as usual if required. This method is also good for chapped or crapped lips and nipples.