Sarah Beverton explains how to take charge of your own experience during pregnancy, embracing the spiritual, rather than the physical.

Pregnancy is a time of preparation. Some of us prepare our homes, rearranging and decorating rooms, some buy stuff, some try to prepare older siblings for the huge change that will happen in their lives, some prepare their bodies for the impending birth. However, some women take an entirely different approach to this preparation, seeing pregnancy as a profound spiritual and personal experience.

It does not seem unreasonable to view pregnancy as a manifestation of extreme good health. It is therefore no surprise that an allopathic medical system, focused around problems, is considered by some to be unsuitable; looking for problems where there are none can nonetheless unearth some. Whether they are real or imagined, these problems are usually caused by the interventions themselves. In fact many women think it odd to consider any sort of medical system necessary during such a time of abundant vitality and strength.